Zig Zag Zeit

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Download the full album, or individual tracks, for free here:


After a long, snowy winter spent making beats, I am happy to share with you Zig Zag Zeit. This is the hip-hop instrumental album I have always wanted to make. It is a bit of a departure from the live electronica I have previously shared on this site, but the style is similar.

Album artwork by Putos: http://www.putospaint.com/


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hiatus over + fresh beat

It has been a year since I last posted…in that time I have left Australia to live in Berlin, Edinburgh and London. I have also visited many other European cities and been inspired by countless sights, buskers, street art, raves, gigs and more.

I left my hardware rig in Melbourne, as backpacking across Europe with it would have been infeasible. However, since I arrived in London I have purchased a laptop and slowly been learning software (Ableton). I miss my hardware, but have enjoyed the challenge of learning a new tool and continuing the Broken Clock project.

Here is a tune I recently made, a glitched-out rap instrumental sampling Kate Bush. I would really like an emcee to rhyme over this, if you know someone who it would suit – please send them a link and let me know!

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Fresh jams for August

A few recent recordings to share, in this final month of Winter.

This is an older song, mostly written in January. I rediscovered it recently, refined it, and recorded the results.

Here’s one of the recordings:

Obscure Acronym (live demo 28 August 2010) by drewzle


As well as working on my hardware productions, I’ve recently begun using Nanostudio – a portable music app for iOS – to compose music while I’m away from the rig. This app is amazingly capable, and should become even more complex with future updates.

Below is a recording of a jam I wrote in Nanostudio, this is recorded live as if it was from my hardware. I’ve programmed 3 synths and 8 drums in a 4-bar loop. I then tweak some parameters and mute/unmute channels to change dynamics.

Broken Clock – Nambient (live Nanostudio jam)

Miniature Airlines remix

I first heard Miniature Airlines’ music over at EM411, and was immediately drawn to the rich textures and bewildering, glitchy rhythms. When the opportunity arose to remix a track from his new album, I was quick to jump on board.

I chose to rework the song ‘Horses Never Know the Odds’, as the acid drones and high-end percussion really appealed to me.

Miniature Airlines and Friends – The Arrivals and Departures Remixes

This remix took the better part of a month, after an initial period of inactivity due to a broken leg. I composed this in Bhajis on my Palm TX; this is the first non-hardware piece I’ve produced in over a year. It was great to delve into Bhajis again, it is well suited to sample manipulation and allowed me to chop, edit and reinterpret Dylan’s tune, piece by piece.

Of course, I highly recommend the originals as well:

Miniature Airline – Arrivals and Departures

Big thanks to Dylan/Mini Air for the opportunity to rework his song!